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Mystery Concert

Mystery Concert

DateNovember 15, 2018

VenueWaterside District

Location333 Waterside Drive Norfolk, VA 23510

A Mystery Concert at Waterside District…. who doesn’t love a surprise?!

We wish we could tell you who it is, but you have to wait and we have to keep a big secret. Trust us when we tell you – you won’t want to miss this show! The artist/artists/group/band can be heard on your radio everyday with multiple hits you will know AND he/she/they/US love to party! Don’t miss this!

Waterside District has tickets to giveaway and by clicking on the link you have your chance to win. When tickets are gone keep coming back we will have more chances for you to win.

You must be 21+ to be admitted into this show.

November 15th can’t get here soon enough…. trust us when we say – we can keep this secret!



Dave Parker, Allen, and Emily