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​General Sales Manager
Luciana Varverud
Office: (757) 222-2930

Why Radio?

  • Radio reaches 96% of all consumers each week.
  • No other medium keeps up with busy consumers like radio.
  • Radio enables you to focus in on the best audience for your business.
  • US1061 delivers reach and frequency to a large number of people to generate interest, name recognition, traffic, and increased sales for your business.
  • Radio is intrusive and intimate.
  • Radio is cost effective with minimum production time and free of cost, scheduling is flexible and immediate.
  • US1061 lets you change your message quickly without delays of TV or print.
  • US1061 offers more than just radio, we offer digital marketing, display ads, event sponsorships, on-air personality sponsorships, and more.

Are you a Hampton Roads Chamber member? If so you will receive 10% discount on their first advertising/marketing purchase with Sinclair Communications.

Get to Know US1061

  • Program director, Dave Parker.
  • US1061 is locally owned, locally programed, and has local on-air personalities.
  • US1061 is the home of the Bobby Bones Show. The #1 country show in the country broadcasting nationally from the home of Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • US1061 reaches the huge Military population in Hampton Roads and we can put your business in direct contact with military customers.
  • Launched in 2007, US1061 plays the best of country music from the 90’s to today.
  • Country listeners are avid listeners and they support the station’s advertisers.

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