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I am about as “local” as you get in the Norfolk Market. My family goes back almost 10 generations deep in Hampton Roads including my Great Grandfather who started the first radio station in Virginia. I love all things Virginia, and supporting as many local charities, businesses, bands, and events as possible. If Pizza or Donuts are involved you can count me in!

I am also privileged to be the Creative Director for the Sinclair Radio group, so be warned that I should not be left unattended with my own ideas! Okay.. writing this has made me hungry, so I am done now.

Q&A w/ Some Guy Named Allen

Birth date: May 5th

Hometown: Virginia Beach

Favorite Song Of All Time: “Painted Black” -Rolling Stones

Favorite Country Song Right Now: “Beautiful Crazy” -Luke Combs

Favorite Country Band Right Now: The Cadillac Three

Favorite Country Band Of All Time: Zac Brown Band

Favorite Album: “Never mind” -Nirvana

If I Could Only Listen To 10 Country Songs For The Rest Of My Life It Would Be: 

  • 1. “He Stopped Loving Her Today” -George Jones
  • 2. “Amarillo By Morning” -George Strait
  • 3. “Fire Away” -Chris Stapleton
  • 4. “Mama Tired” -Merle Haggard
  • 5. “Beautiful Crazy” -Luke Combs
  • 6. “Chicken Fried” -Zac Brown Band
  • 7. “The South” -The Cadillac Three
  • 8. “Country Boy” -Aaron Lewis
  • 9. “The Dance” -Garth Brooks
  • 10. “Riser” -Dierks Bentley

Hobbies: I am ADHD so it’s a LONG list! Playing with Some Dog Named Liberty, Fishing (mostly Bass but I do like Offshore), Guns, Collecting Whiskey and Bourbon, Cigars, Big Trucks, Fast Cars, Golf, Concerts, Vintage shopping, and exploring and learning about Virginia history. I’m also a total Foodie, I enjoy traveling, and I love a great SPY novel.

Hidden Talent: I can blow fire with Bacardi 151 by lighting my finger on fire. #RealLife

Favorite Sports Team: I don’t like sports (I know its odd) because I’m too ADHD to sit thru any game, but I do like watching the Olympics.

Favorite Superhero: Batman

Favorite Cartoon: Ren and Stimpy

My Role Model Is: My Grandfather

Favorite Concert: Garth Brooks Live at a Private event.

Favorite TV Show: Peaky Blinders 

My Happy Place Is: Our Lake Property in North Carolina

Favorite Word: $@#!

My Best Halloween Costume was: A Mammogram Machine

The Place I Really Want To Visit: Morocco

The One Thing That Would Surprise People About Me Is: I actually get anxiety in big crowds.

If I Could Only Eat One Meal For The Rest Of My Life It Would Be: PIZZA!!!!!

If I Hit The Lottery I Would: Give half of it away to local 757 charities and actually continue to work in radio.

I Can’t Get Enough Of: Lakeside time with my Wife, Some Dog Named Liberty and Family.

I Went Into Radio Because: The NAVY SEALS laughed at me.

If I Could Invite 3 People, Dead Or Alive, To A Dinner Party It Would Be: My Grandfather who has passed, Thomas Jefferson, and Chuck Norris

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Winner of Best Local Country Radio Personality 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Winner of Best Local Social Media Personality 2017, 2018, 2019

Winner of Best Local Influencer 2020

Winner of Best Male Radio Personality 2018, 2019, 2020




Committees and Charities

Board of Directors for the Nauticus Museum/U.S.S. Wisconsin Foundation
Board of Directors for L-Z Grace
Board of Directors for The Combat Wounded Coalition
Commissioning Committee PR/Marketing Director USS John Warner
Commissioning Committee PR/Marketing Director USS Gerald Ford