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The owner of the winning rescue pet will win one year of flea and tick control from Dreamlawns, a $100 gift card to Pet Paradise and $250 from US1061! 



Adopted From: Savannah, GA
About: Buddy was rescued when he was one at a shelter in Savannah GA. We were at the humane society looking for a playmate for our other rescue and Buddy caught our eyes! He was starving, losing hair and had a broken rib. He warmed up to me instantly and I could see playfulness in his eyes. We were told that they did not have any information on Buddy because he was taken in from a shelter in South Carolina where he was scheduled to be euthanized. Buddy was gentle and scared and I knew that with love and patience, he would be able to live the life he deserved. He was a perfect addition to our family. I cannot imagine a world without Buddy.


Adopted From: Hope For Life Rescue
About: This is my pup Zander. I adopted him from the Hope For Life Rescue in Virginia Beach back in 2021 when he was just a puppy. He is a loving, outgoing (yet shy and scared of loud noises), crazy pup who loves to be with his mom and I. Even though he does love to chew on everything he can get his hands on, he is a truly protective pup who has become apart of the family. He loves to be sneaky by stealing our clothes, but also loves to sneak under the covers to take naps. He is a special pup who has made a big impact on making it easier to come home to knowing he will be excited to see me come in the door.


Adopted From:  Chesapeake Humane Society
About: Cooper was found chained up and starving in a yard. He was in bad shape. Ears covered in mange, dirty, cold, and nearly dead. Chesapeake Humane Society nursed him back to health and he became our big baby. He is the sweetest, most spoiled dog now. Always has a full tummy, a warm place to snuggle, and all the toys and love he can stand. He is the very best boy!


Adopted From:
About: Luna found us as a stray, terrified, emaciated, flea infested kitten estimated to be between 3-5 weeks old weighing less than 2 pounds in the dead heat of July 2019. Her desire to live life to the fullest has never waivered. She is now 3 years old and loves to eat (my food and hers), play, watch the birds, and guard her baby human brother. She is an inspiration and a miracle!


Adopted From: Melfa Animal Control
About: We rescued Oreo 2 years ago from Melfa animal control on the Eastern Shore of Va. She was 6 months old when we got her. She comes to work with me every day. She is the hostess at the Eastern Shore Pottery. She greets everyone that comes in her shop. She works for kibbles and bits….


Adopted From: Norfolk SPCA
About: Meet Kingston a year old Belgium Malinois. We adopted him from the Norfolk SPCA. After he was dumped with his favorite thing in the world a ball! He now lives the good life in Suffolk Va with acres to run and play on. Mals are not for everyone but they are great dogs for the right people.


Adopted From: Stray
About: This is Lexi she is a beagle. she was in a very bad living condition previously so my mom found her online and rescued her she had a broken rib and many other problems but now she has the most loving home and she couldn’t be happier! She will turn 12 in June.


Adopted From: Stray
About: Kaino was with a family that was in the military and were relocating. His original family was not able to take him with them. My fiancé and I were looking for a fur baby. He stole our hearts from the beginning. He has now been with us for almost 3 months. We love you Kaino!


Adopted From: Ruff Road Rescue
About: Penny is our girl. We rescued her in 2016 from Ruff Road Rescue. She had been adopted and returned 3 separate times before we found her and gave her a forever home. She is so sweet and full of energy! She loves to run around in the back yard, chase squirrels, and go for rides in the car. She also loves to snuggle and hog the bed. We love her so much and she completes our family!


Adopted From: Currituck Animal Shelter
About: We adopted Callaway from Currituck Animal Shelter 4 years ago! I knew instantly we had to go adopt him! The minute I saw him, I knew he was coming home with us that day! My daughter was so excited to get a puppy (he was a few days shy of turning 1) and I was so ready to have a dog again! My husband never had a dog growing up so this was all new territory to him! Callaway has given us so much joy and completed our family. He has been by my side literally and figuratively since the day he was adopted! He is such a good boy and is so smart. His mohawk is his claim to fame and he is such a good protector. Callaway recently became a big brother to a 9 month old dachshund named Ollie we adopted after he was in a rough situation not fault of his own. Callaway has been so gentle with him and Ollie always wants to be with Callaway. Our house is full of love and laughs and I am so grateful for Currituck Animal Shelter for allowing us to adopt Callaway!