US1061 is a locally owned radio station and we understand the hardships that you and our hometown are going through. Our kids are out of school, as are yours. We eat at the same restaurants, shop at the same stores, and enjoy the same parks and beaches as you and your family. We want to help put a smile on your face with music. We have put together weeks of live music from local artists to national artists, we call this our US1061 Social Distancing Concert Series. 

Below you can find performances that we have already have had on our Facebook page and we will be updating this as we go along. Make sure to follow the US1061 Facebook page to get updates when we go live. 

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US1061 Social Distancing Concert Series

Scotty McCreery

Lainey Wilson

Lindsay Ell

Caylee Hammack

Jordan Davis

Dylan Scott

Canaan Smith

Tenillie Arts

Gone West


Craig Campbell

Carly Pearce

Payton Smith

Russell Dickerson


Samantha Howell

Lewis McGehee

Travis Denning

Tyler Farr

Avenue Beat

Abby Anderson

Celeste Kellogg

Troy Breslow & The Company Band

Runnin’ Shine

Dillon Carmichael

Aaron Goodvin

Colton James